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FREEZER REPAIR BURBANKOne of the first appliances you think of buying when equipping your kitchen is the freezer. It’s also among the top appliances people invest in when opening as catering business or a grocery store. A freezer is designed to keep your food supplies fresh, especially those that can’t last a few days without going stale. They include meat, vegetables, fruits and most dairy products. At home, a freezer helps you stock up on as much food supplies as possible; reducing the number of trips you need to make to the grocery store every month. These appliances are also a must-have for passionate gardeners and avid hunters who constantly have a lot of perishable products they need to preserve. For those who run food businesses, freezers help keep a large amount of supplies fresh till they are bought by clients. Given how valuable a freezer is, it therefore goes without saying that any malfunctioning can cause a lot of distress. But since your freezer is susceptible to occasional defects, just like the rest of your appliances, the best you can do is to remain vigilant and act at the first sign of trouble.

Top Freezer Defects to Watch Out For

At the moment, there are various freezer models and brands on the market.  All of them, however, experience largely similar problems. These issues include:  

  • The freezer will not turn on
  • The freezer does not cool
  • The appliance takes longer than usual to cool
  • The machine overcools
  • The freezer leaks water
  • The freezer fails to automatically defrost
  • The machine makes a lot of noise
  • The cycling off feature is not working
  • The door of the machine is not functioning properly

The moment you become aware of these problems, you should act immediately. If the appliance does not cool any more, all your food could go bad within days. That’s a huge loss, especially for food business owners who stock vast quantities of fresh food supplies. If the freezer makes a lot of noise or leaks water, then it’s a nuisance in your house or store. Even in cases where the defective freezer is still cooling, the fact that it has a problem forces it to work harder than necessary, and that means extra energy consumption and, consequently, increased power bills.

So What Can You Do?

You needn’t rush to the market to buy a new freezer. That can set you back hundreds of dollars that you may not even have planned to spend. Besides, the majority of freezer defects are quite easy to repair, provided you are working with a professional. Repairs also cost far less than replacing the freezer would. You can count on us at Burbank Appliance Repair to troubleshoot the troublesome freezer and provide a lasting solution for the problem.

Why Choose Us?

Through the years, residents of Burbank have counted on us to provide top notch solutions for their malfunctioning household and commercial appliances. At the moment, we are the leading appliance repair franchise not just in the area, but also in the entire state. Our technicians are EPA certified and vastly experienced in handling all kinds of repair issues, even where the situation seems hopeless. But appliance repair prowess isn’t all that defines us. We are also well known for our unrivaled customer service. We go far and beyond to ensure that your appliance is repaired as soon as possible. We understand when it comes to freezer repair, time is of the essence. That’s why we provide same day repair service at no additional cost.  We are also keen to use only factory-approved replacement parts so the problem does not recur anytime soon. As soon as we start working on your appliance, you can expect it up and running perfectly in no time at all.

Brands We Can Repair

Every day, we handle appliances from a host of the leading brands. Some of them include Kitchen Aid, Subzero, Wolf, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Viking, Samsung, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Scotsman, GE, Westinghouse, Electrolux, LG, DCS, Scotsman and many more.

We also provide appliance maintenance services for all your kitchen appliances to ensure they’re running efficiently all year round.

We provide round-the-clock customer service.

Contact Us

If you would like to request a service, you can call us toll-free through: +1 (747) 241-6635