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ice maker repair burbankIce makers are a popular accessory for those of us who need more ice in our lives. These appliances make ice cubes, nuggets or flakes that you can put in your beverages to make them extra cold. They’re the ideal addition to your home bar or food business where you serve lots of drinks. People who love to go on camping and boating trips also love to bring portable ice makers with them. In the summer, when most people hold outdoor parties and special events, ice makers help keep guests well supplied with the ice they need for their drinks. At workplaces, ice makers are mostly found in office break rooms where staff members can access it when they need to. But what happens when your ice maker suddenly breaks sown? Well, the convenience of getting ice any time you want to is immediately disrupted, and you are now forced to buy bags of ice from the store. That forces you to spend money you may not have planned to, besides taking up your valuable time. Proper maintenance can, of course, avert surprise ice maker defects, but you still need to deal with occasional defects that befall the appliance. Doing so prevents small problems from escalating and damaging the entire appliance.

Top Ice Maker Defects to Look Out For

While ice makers come in a wide variety of brands and models, they all typically experience similar defects throughout their lifetimes. Among the commonest are:

  • The ice maker does not work at all
  • The ice maker produces too little ice
  • The ice produced has a foul smell
  • There’s a bad taste in the ice
  • Ice cubes come out misshaped or hollow
  • The ice level control board isn’t functioning
  • The ice maker makes a lot of noise when operating
  • The ice machine is frozen
  • The appliance leaks water

As soon as you’ve noticed these issues or any other not on the list, it’s crucial to take action. Like mentioned earlier, ice maker problems can get worse in no time if left unaddressed. An ice maker that does not make any ice is no use to you at all. Similarly, if the ice produced has a nasty smell or taste, then you are forced to buy ice you can use. An ice machine that leaks water onto your floors gives you extra work and can even damage your carpeting, while a noisy one is simply irksome.

Here’s What You Need to Do

One option is to buy a new one, especially if the machine is clearly on its last legs. In most cases, however, ice maker problems are reparable. A new ice maker can easily set you back several hundred dollars, while repairs cost a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. The secret is finding a professional ice maker repair technician to do the job. You can contact us at Burbank Appliance Repair to assist you.­­

Why Choose Us

There’s a good reason Burbank Appliance Repair is the leading appliance repair service in the region. We have the best technicians in the state. All our technicians have vast experience tackling a wide variety of repair issues on commercial and household appliances. Every member of our team is EPA certified, so you can be sure that your ice maker is in the right hands. We value your time, so we always move quickly to get your ice maker working perfectly as quickly as possible. We have a same-day repair service policy that does not cost extra. We want to make sure that your appliance gets the best, so we only use original factory-approved replacement parts that come with warranty. We also provide flat-rate pricing on repair services up front, so you don’t need to worry about surprises on your bills. Once we’ve thoroughly assessed your appliance and ascertained the main cause of the problem, we get to work right away and in just a short while, your ice maker should be working perfectly once again.

We Repair All Brands

We regularly repair appliances from all the top appliance brands in the country including Whirlpool, Bosch, Westinghouse, Kitchen Aid, Ice-O-Matic, Samsung, Marvel, Viking, LG, Sub-Zero, Asko, DCS, Wolf, True, Maytag, Scotsman, Siemens, Amana and others.

Besides repair, we can also provide routine maintenance service to make sure your appliances function efficiently throughout the year.

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If you would like to request a service, you may call us through our toll-free number on: +1 (747) 241-6635