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REFRIGERATOR REPAIR IN BURBANKDue to their valuable service, refrigerators are found in almost every home in America. These appliances are designed to keep food and food supplies fresh for much longer than they would normally last. Fridges are especially useful for avid hunters who almost always have a large supply of meat, gardeners who frequently harvest fresh fruits and veggies, and shoppers who love to stock up on groceries. These machines are also extremely useful to food business owners who need to preserve products until they are bought by consumers. Most modern fridges can run for many years without major problems, thanks to their impressive design. To get the most out of your appliance, it’s smart to invest in routine maintenance service. You’ll also need to look out for and address any defects you notice in your fridge promptly. But what are some of them fridge problems you need to be on the lookout for?

Common Refrigerator Defects

While fridges may come in all kinds of brands and models, the defects that assail them are never different. Some of the top malfunctions you need to be looking out for include:


  • The appliance fails to start
  • The fridge stops abruptly while running
  • The fridge does not cool as usual
  • The appliance takes too long to cool
  • The fridge is leaking water or coolant
  • The fridge makes a lot of noise when running
  • The appliance produces an unpleasant smell
  • The light of the appliance no longer works
  • The door of the appliance is broken


As soon as you become aware of any of these issues, you need to take immediate action. A fridge that’s no longer cooling can lead to the spoilage of all the food you’ve stored therein, and that’s a lot of money lost. If the fridge keeps leaking water, the mess caused on your floor can be annoying, besides being a slip hazard. Likewise, a noisy fridge is irritating. If you do not deal with these defects promptly, they’ll only escalate. 

Here’s What You Need to Do

When your fridge malfunctions, you can take one of three actions. The first solution is to buy a new fridge to replace the defective one. This move requires you to spend at least several hundred dollars on a new fridge, and that may be a challenge if you hadn’t planned to spend all that money on a new appliance. The second option is to fix the defect yourself. To do so, you need to have the necessary fridge repair training. If you don’t, you may ruin the fridge. The third solution involves looking for professional fridge repair. This option is by far the quickest and most affordable approach to dealing with defects in your fridge. You can call us at Burbank Appliance Repair to troubleshoot your fridge and provide a lasting solution for the defect.

Why Choose Us

The ideal appliance repair company understands how important your fridge is to you and goes out of their way to repair it as quickly as possible. That’s what we guarantee at Burbank Appliance Repair. We have a team of extensively experienced technicians always on call to deal with the toughest fridge problems you may be facing. When you call us to request for repair service, we immediately dispatch a vastly experienced technician to help you out. Our technician will first thoroughly examine the fridge to find out the main cause of the defect and decide what solution is best for it. The expert will also give you an all-inclusive estimate for the repair cost before starting the repair. As you’ll discover, our rates are very friendly. Once you give the technician the green light to proceed with the repair, they’ll get started right away. In most cases, your fridge should be up and running perfectly in under an hour.

We Repair All Brands

Through the years, we have provided lasting repair solutions for a wide variety of household and commercial appliances from all leading brands in the country. These include Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Whirlpool, Viking, Scotsman, Electrolux, Gibson, LG, Tappan, Caloric, Coleman, Samsung, Westinghouse, Westinghouse, HEIL, YORK, Amana, True and many more.

We also provide maintenance services for your appliances. We are available 24/7.

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If you would like to place with us, you can call us toll-free on: +1 (747) 241-6635